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Direct Mail / Fulfillment


Direct Mail Services involves mailing via USPS to a list of U.S. mailing addresses. Upon receiving your mailing list, USA Discs will process it with only the lowest possible postage rate for your specifications.

Our direct mail services team is in-house, so we can start the fulfillment process the second we receive your order. “Team USA” is well versed on postal rules and regulations, presorting, and postage discounts, so you'll get the best possible mailing rates. From Blu-ray, DVD, and CD, USA Discs’ fulfillment options provides you with a faster and easier means of getting your product to a larger population by letting us handle the pick, pack, and mail laborious process for you.

We offer an inexpensive and totally scalable fulfillment solution to our clients and our knowledgable customer service team will monitor your order and guarantee accurate delivery. Our mission is to take the day-to-day worry out of fulfillment so you can concentrate on other, more important matters.

Consistently efficient, readily available and genuinely enthusiastic, “Team USA” will gladly manage your direct mail and fulfillment needs so you don’t have to.