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DVD Duplication

USA Discs uses state of the art optical laser drives for duplication orders under 1,000 DVDs with the fastest turnaround in the industry. We are well equipped to handle every format, including NTSC, PAL, SD, HD and Blu-ray, whether you need to duplicate DVD screeners for your new documentary or make copies of your corporations big presentation. The duplication process involves encoding media content from your DVD master to a new disc image on a hard drive. That content is then burned directly on to your specified quantity of discs.

USA Discs uses automated multiple error-correction disc duplication systems in a streamlined process that our team has refined over the years. Our duplication procedures leave no room for human error and ensure that your DVD dubs will be completed well within your time frame and budget.

The commitment to excellence representative of our customer service team combined with our advanced quality control techniques guarantees your product is duplicated with the utmost sophistication and impeccability. USA Discs also offers full color on-disc printing and packaging options to finalize your project.

Thermal On-Disc printing is used on all duplication orders.